Day Sail

Day Sail New York Harbor
2016-08-26 11.21.50-1
Day Sail

Dan Raphael ~ Original Oils

Art is a race against complacency.

Now showing:  Vintage Fare

Join me for the opening of a selection of work inspired by art through history. Renaissance , Golden Age Paintings and vintage photos are among the influences. Works will available for purchase.

Through October 14th


250 3rd ave N,  Minneapolis  MN  55401


#Capecod #Provincetown #ptown #eastcoast #fishing #atlantic

Country Boy

 For show and art availability, reply to link below.



I consider myself a traditionalist compelled by whimsy. My daydreams and day to day influences of fashion and design are always suggesting new work.

My work consists of deconstructive, bold use of paint coupled with illusory use of light. I still want to the viewer to see the puppet strings.  I think that is where the  emotion of my work comes from.

I love that Painting is such an age old medium. That timelessness is something that fuels me to the core.

Commissions available.

Contact us for show calendar, and how to purchase!

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